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Vine Line Logistics Taps Parade to Help Scale Their Brokerage

Vine Line Logistics LLC is an up-and-coming freight brokerage based in Grand Rapids, MI. The leadership team is on a mission to build the most robust tech stack in the industry in order to achieve their goals, while not overlooking the importance of balancing the human element. They struggled with carrier reuse, inefficient processes, and reliance on tribal knowledge. Parade was the perfect solution for capacity management, giving Vine Line Logistics the room they needed to grow and scale.

Why Your Brokerage Needs Capacity Management this Holiday Season

Ah, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! It’s something we might feel nostalgic for in our personal lives, but in the freight industry, the holidays are often the busiest time of the year and it’s more often stressful than cozy. While it presents the opportunity to move the needle on the bottom line, actually getting the extra freight moved can present problems. This is where capacity management can help.

3 Ways Capacity Management Helps Brokers Create a Personalized Carrier Experience

Today, many brokerages have made carrier relationships a priority. Technology is often seen at odds with building stronger carrier relationships since it can replace some of the interactions between brokers and carriers, but done right, technology can actually enhance carrier relationships. Parade does that in several ways, including helping brokers give their carriers a more personalized experience.

Parade Customers are Seeing Results with Capacity Management

Sure, we say we can help brokerages book 30% more freight while improving carrier re-use, saving time, saving money, and improving margins, but does Parade deliver in real life for real-life customers? We're sharing some real-life examples of how freight brokers and 3PLs used our capacity management to drive results.

How Does Parade Help Brokers Improve Carrier Reuse?

Carrier reuse can offer serious benefits to freight brokers like reduced onboarding costs, improved level of service to shippers, lower cost per load, and more. That’s why so many brokers are focusing on improving carrier reuse, and Parade can help. Parade customer Concept Logistics saw 60% of their loads being taken by carriers taking 4+ loads per month, and ARL saw a 25% increase in carriers that took 4+ loads with Parade. In this article, we will discuss how Parade is helping brokers increase carrier reuse.

Parade Named to FreightWaves’ 2023 FreightTech 100

Each year, the team at FreightWaves collects nominations for the best of the best in the freight tech space, with the top 100 making up the FreightTech 100 list. This year, Parade is on it again.

ARL Logistics is Embracing the Future of Freight

Find out how ARL Logistics used Tai TMS and Parade to increase carrier reuse and drive digital freight booking and quoting.

Parade Joined Greenbush Logistics on FreightWaves to Discuss Freight Tech Success

On September 8, 2022, Elise Le, Parade’s VP of Customer Experience was joined by Blake Wallace, Account Executive at Greenbush Logistics, and Travis Williams, Director of Logistics at Greenbush, for a webinar hosted by FreightWaves.

ARL Logistics is Embracing the Future of Freight

How ARL Logistics used Parade & Tai TMS to increase digital bookings.