Platform By User

Benefits for everyone.

Parade was designed with every user in mind—from C-level leaders to carrier reps, as well as the IT specialists looking after your infrastructure.

For all freight broker reps

Up your game in competitive freight markets. Find available trucks faster and manage them so you can book more loads.


How Parade helps you:

  • Find the best carrier for every load
  • Manage recurring relationships with your core carriers
  • Earn more via a streamlined workflow

For managers

Your goal is providing a top-tier experience for all stakeholders. With Parade, that’s exactly what you can do, plus a whole lot more.


How Parade helps you:

  • Build volume quickly to speed up everyday operations
  • Measure exactly how each team member builds carrier relationships
  • Reward behavior of top reps and coach improvement

For technology specialists

Parade was designed with technology and IT professionals in mind. Our platform integrates seamlessly across the freight broker tech stack, freeing up development time on your end.


How Parade helps you:

  • One simple integration between your TMS and Parade gets you integrations to over a dozen tools and capacity partners
  • Parade’s cloud software is continuously updated and continuously maintains 3rd party integrations
  • APIs to feed capacity information back to your data lake
Find out what Parade can do for you.